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Who We Are




Fubees International Co., Ltd. is a professional brand agent.

Our product managers have more than 10 years of product management and marketing experience.

We have a deep understanding and research on Asia market, and our team is very flexible and creative.

We are highly active in the market and very familiar with the products promotion and brand management.

In addition, we are enthusiastic about managing brands and welcome all kinds of challenges.

We are the agent of many international brands, selling Japanese groceries, fabrics, kitchen tools, toys, 3C accessories,

bags, etc. We have operated many types of goods, and it is our first priority to explore new types of goods.

Fubees not only aims for selling goods, but also hopes to establish excellent brand image for each brand,

and promote the well-known overseas brands to the consumers.

This is not only the original intention of Fubees, but also the foundation of Fubees.

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